Investor Pre-Screening Information

In compliance with Customer Identification Program (CIP) we are required by the law to prevent financing of terrorist operations and money laundering. The requirements go beyond just verifying your identity (

We are fully funded by a pool of private investors and typically would not consider other sources of funding. However, in some rare occasions we can make an exception from this rule if a potential investor brings in an exceptional value, such as a unique expertise or know how in an industry of our interest.

In this situation we would ask an investor to provide information as it’s outlined below.

Two copies of government issued ID

Email or fax photocopies of two (2) valid pieces of identification from those listed below (including at least one with photo).

Alternatively, you may present only one piece of identification, if your identity is confirmed by one of our existing partners.

    •   Valid drivers’ license
    •   Passport
    •   Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
    •   Birth certificate
    •   Social Security Number card
    •   Old Age Security card
    •   Certificate of Indian Status
    •   Health insurance card
    •   Other document or card, bearing the individual’s photograph and signature
    •   An employee identity card
    •   Alien identification card
    •   A bank or automated banking machine or client card, bearing the name of the individual
    •   A credit card, bearing the name of the individual
Proof of Funds (POF)

A copy of a bank statement, investment statement, proof of funds letter signed by an authorized third party or any other document showing fund availability.

    •   CirclEdge Holdings, Inc. reserves the right to reject an Application Form if it has reasonable cause to do so, for example, if relevant information is not included.
    •   Only cheques drawn on an account held in your name can be accepted. Third party cheques will be rejected. If sending a banker’s draft, please ask them to print your name on the reverse as confirmation that the funds originate from your own account.
    •   A Social Security Number / Social Insurance Number is a requirement for IRS / CRA in order to issue the relevant Annual Certificate of Compliance.